About Us

What is the origin of the name “Darzee”? Where does the name come from, why is the company named “Darzee”?

Darzee is the ‘Hindi’ word for tailor. We wanted a name that is connected to India as the company’s roots are in India. The feeling you get when the tailor stitches a perfect piece for you is priceless. It enhances your look and makes you feel amazing. Similarly, at Darzee Mattresses, we try to tailor-make unique mattresses for you that will give you a perfect sleep. We are here to solve your sleep-related issues as a Darzee.


We started Darzee to create an alternative. Our online-only business model lets us skip the traditional channels and deliver to you directly from the factory, at a fraction of the price.

Darzee is creating new standards in market. From design to production; We believe in high quality, fair prices and customers’ happiness i.e the benchmark for our products.


Who founded the company, and with what vision?

Akhill Pitti and Tarun Shah are the founders of Darzee Mattresses. Being from the family of pioneers of foam distribution from 3 decades and knowing foam in and out, Akhill Pitti was not satisfied with existing mattresses. He had to go through back pain every morning. After a lot of R&D and experimentation, he decided to come up with a solution for himself and others facing the same problem. Tarun Shah, on the other hand, saw his employees go through an irritable day due to lack of sleep and complaining of pain in the neck or back every now and then. This is when they mutually decided to help sleep affected people through manufacturing products that will ensure comfortable and pain-free sleep.


Lack of sleep makes you grumpy and frustrated. You are not able to give your 100% at work. As a result, your work suffers and you’ve to work extra time or carry your work back home. This eats your family time and creates differences. It also affects your health badly making you prone to a lot of diseases.

So, our vision at Darzee is no one should take office work back home. Hence, no late food, tea or coffee.They should spend more time with family and children as their childhood won’t return. Limiting screen time before bed

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